Academic writing noun phrases as subjects

A noun phrase can be a subject: The Cultural and Social Anthropology Department The many aspects of the social lives of people around the world Sentence 5: Jeff rode on a skate board.

It is important to understand that even though a certain noun is basically countable, it may also have a fairly frequent uncountable use and vice versa. Teachers in school can make it interesting for the students while teaching noun phrases or any type of grammar.

Juan needed to know exactly which building she was talking about. This is, in essence, a noun phrase; a collection of words which work together. The grey stripped NP dress. The thick and long NP stick. Even though both dollars and years are plural, we get singular agreement, since we are dealing with one singular sum of money in the first example, and one singular period of time in the second example.

When a linking verb is used A linking verb "is," "are," "was," "were," "seem" and others agrees with its subject, not its complement. Some of the most common functions of noun phrases are listed below.

Subject-Verb agreement

In a case like this, that is, when we have two conjoined noun phrases functioning as the subject, we want the verb to agree with the closest noun phrase head. His friends or the boy runs every day.

This NP is my piece of cake. Rewrite the underlined parts of the following sentences using a noun-based phrase instead of the "wh" clause.

This is what is illustrated in the box below. The woman with all the dogs walks down my street. In spite of beer being basically uncountable, we can naturally say things such as 1 and 2: The word dollars is a special case.

They don't like it. The Cultural and Social Anthropology Department deal with the many aspects of the social lives of people around the world. It is important to remember that whatever type of subsequent care is to occur, the period after discharge may be when things are particularly difficult.

Giving examples also makes your writing more comprehensive, showing other ways of looking at a topic and allows readers to investigate information further. Menzel has shown that non-speaking chimpanzees can convey where food is to one another.

A noun phrase can be a direct object: How do we know in each and every case whether the subject is third person singular or plural? My family has never been able to agree. Examples of Noun Phrases:Features of academic writing Complexity Nominal groups.

Formal written English uses nouns and nominal group (noun-based phrases) more than verbs. One simple example is: Like all other forms of life, Nominal groups can function as subjects, complements or objects of prepositions.


Features of academic writing

This page discusses some of the key points and areas to be more formal in Academic English Writing. Although there is no set rules on formality at university, this information on academic style is generally accepted throughout most universities.

Noun phrases Long noun subjects or objects are common in academic writing Use fixed academic. Noun phrases (grouping together a collection of words to act as one noun) are one of the keystones of academic writing. They allow you to pack a lot of information into a few words, a function which is extremely helpful when writing to a word count, or when trying to make a piece of writing concise.

A. Noun phrases can be used as subjects, objects, or objects of prepositions. In academic writ- ing, the noun phrase is often long and complex, containing the substance of the sentence.

An Approach to Academic Written Grammar This unit describes the building blocks of written grammar: word forms, phrases, and clauses. analyze and control academic writing. Table The Slot Structure of Finite Clauses Adverb / Prepositional Phrase Subject A.

Noun phrases can be used as subjects, objects, or objects of. Noun. The name of something, like a person, animal, place, thing, or concept.

Nouns are typically used as subjects, objects, objects of prepositions, and modifiers of other nouns.

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Academic writing noun phrases as subjects
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