Essay on india-a secular state

The Muslims are accused of extra-territorial loyalty because they allegedly cheer for Pakistan whenever India and Pakistan play cricket. There is a new, muscular nationalism, one that holds up the nuclear bomb as a sign of strength and wants to keep neighbours and internal minorities in their place, and which derives its strength from invented mythology; and has taken over the polity.

Essay on India as a Secular State

Article is prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste etc. We are marching fairly rapidly to the goal of universal brotherhood. Our blind government is not realizing the impending danger and is still preaching secularism foolishly in order to keep itself in power.

Islam is the official religion.

Secularism in India – Essay

In free India, the Muslims have enjoyed full liberty in the matter of religion. The deeds of the Congress Government will be written in black letters by coming historians while debating upon this aspect of national life. All are equal in the eyes of law. At his prayer meetings, holy texts were recited from Gita, Quran, Zend Avesta, Granth Sahib and Bible, According to him, all religions are equally true and each scripture is worthy of respect.

The government cannot ask them to get themselves sterilized because India is a Secular State.

Is India still a secular state?

The citizens of a secular State have far greater realization of the interests of humanity. There are three basis justifiable arguments in favour of secularism: The matter has been repeatedly agitated in the press as well as on the platform.

In the process, it has to oppose and struggle against the clergy and vested forces in the society. On the other hand, in Bangladesh, though professionally an Islamic State, secular values are encouraged. Several fundamental rights guarantee a freedom of worship and religion as well as outlaw discrimination on the ground of religion.

Under this ideology he wrote a special article in our constitution, banning religious instruction in any educational institution maintained by government. The Jamiat-ul-Ulema-i-Hind, the greatest Moslem religious body has supported the demand and invited the attention of all concerned to the urgent necessity of introducing a measure to this effect.

Independent India is one of the largest states in the world of today with a population of nearly crores. They try to lure these classes into their fold through religion and liberal use of money and muscle power.

They declared India as a secular state, which is the common Home of the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis and all other citizens.

Although Shivaji was constantly at war with the Mughals, yet under his sway Hindus and Muslims lived like brothers. This state intervention while resonant with the dictates of each religion, are unequal and conflicting. Any discrimination on the basis of caste or creed is illegal. The vulnerable point in India is the deep religious sentiment prevailing among its different religious communities.

Islam is the official religion. Akbar's instruction for his mausoleum was that it incorporate elements from different religions including Islam and Hinduism.Read this comprehensive essay about secularism in India! One of the fundamental changes which in Indian society have to undergo is to pass out from a sacred Society to a secular society.

This is a part of change which an agricultural society, that is traditional, has to make when it changes to a modern industrial society. “We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic”, etc.

Importance of Secularism in India: Secularism and Democracy are two remarkable achievements of independent India. These two achievements have stood the test of time and set the goal of the nation on religious and political fronts. Jun 19,  · Essay on say no to polythene bags wayne county abstinence essay tsotsi essay ideas essays for business poem analysis essay rubric.

Dissertation Droit Administratif Best essay books for upsc moby-dick centennial essays essay writting examples really bad 5/5(). Is India still a secular state?

India is diversified when it comes to religions, for which the constitution stands for a secular India. For: Multiple religions like Hindu’s, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists exist in our country making it secular.

Why India Is Not A Secular State India is seen as a shining example of a secular state but in reality the Indian state actually privileges Hinduism over other religions and religious communities.

Free sample essay on India, the Secular State. India is noted for its secularism which means non­interference in others’ religious practices, viewing India as a composite nation with diverse cultures, languages and lifestyles.

Essay on india-a secular state
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