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Consequently, Leibniz, and others who share this view of what the goodness of a world consists in, such as Malebranche, think that miraculous intervention is generally repugnant and would require vastly outweighing goods to result Essay on theodicy a miraculous intervention in order for such an intervention to be permissible.

Atheists can not disprove God by discharging humans. If we truly wish to ascribe "goodness" to God, then surely nothing is as good as God cf. There is no efficient causality at work here, but a teleological pull inviting creative advance.

Even a human father would not allow his children to play with a smoking gun. Leibniz therefore sought to develop a different strategy in order to clear God of the charge of being the author of sin. For Buddhists, the sufferings experienced by individuals are the consequence of karma, wherein every action, condition, and disposition has its own consequences.

God cannot totally control events or any human, but, as the "Lord of Possibilities", influences the exercise of this universal free will by offering possibilities to every possible event.

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For discussions of this issue, see, for example, Ruiz de Montoya, Commentaria ac Disputationes in primam partem Sancti Thomae.

Given the circumstances, a tender pressure is present to achieve the highest possible harmony. Orthodoxynatural chaos cannot be explained and hence Christianity does not favour natural enquiry and the scientific study of the world ; Oriental model: God's primordial nature is transcendent and does not touch the universe and offers to all events the possibility to constitute themselves.

Those caught in the clash name it "evil". This semidualist, liberal and unitarist position is more or less logically sound, but cannot eliminate the problem of all theodicies accepting the hyper- goodness of God.

God contains the universe all-comprehensively surrelativismbut is not identical with it pan-en-theism or theocosmocentrism, not pantheism or pandeism. The moral law is part of creation "Maat", "Dike", "karma", "dharma" and retribution is as sure as are cause and effect.

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Rateau, Paul,La Question du mal chez Leibniz: It should be noted that Leibniz's approach to the underachiever problem thus seems be immune to the line of criticism pressed by Voltaire in Candide, namely, that it is obvious that this world is not the best possible world because there are so many manifest evils in it.

This means the human has to stand up by his own cf.

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In fact, humanity is called to exercise its free will in concert. The universe is a wholeness of events experiential in nature, with both a physical and a mental aspect. All entities, except God, decide without witnessing the whole.Mystical Theodicy.

Additional Resources. The following are additional rescources intended for students and address various theodicies in literature: Theodicy and Pope's Essay on Man.

Leibniz's Theodicy. Tennyson. Structure and Coherence. Tennyson's Prologue to the Strong Son of God: Faith and Doubt. Tennyson's "Song of Woe". Theodicy A theodicy is simply a justification of God’s ways.

Theists are generally compelled to express a theodicy in response to the unfortunate, painful, evil events and circumstances found in our world.

Leibniz's Theodicy Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz published only one book in his lifetime, the Essays on Theodicy: On the Goodness of God, the Freedom of Man, and the Origin of Evil —commonly referred to simply as the Theodicy —but despite the vast amount of scholarly work on Leibniz, the Theodicy still has not received due scholarly attention.

The second theodicy argument is the fall theodicy which states that suffering was a result of the fall of man. This line of thinking claims that man has to suffer because of.

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Essay on theodicy
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