Human relations in modern life

When an organization expands in numbers, as well as in diversity among its members, the establishment of communication channels becomes even more difficult. Nation-state theory sees power relations only among different state actors, and excludes a global economy, or subjugates it to the nation-state model.

Transforming Human Consciousness If the expression of human rights depends on the establishing of right human relations, right human relations can only be established by the development of a more inclusive consciousness. For many employers, interpersonal skills represent an important category of transferable skills a worker is expected to bring to the job.

In doing so, employees are supposed to gain an identity, stability within their job and job satisfactionwhich in turn make them more willing to co-operate and contribute their efforts towards accomplishing organisational goals.

It can also stir the lethargic to constructive action, and there is evidence that the extremity of human crisis is doing just this. In the late s, Elton Mayo — and other researchers from Harvard University initiated what have become known as the Hawthorne Studies at the Hawthorne plant of Western Electric Company near Chicago.

Around the turn of the century, Frederick Taylor — and other researchers interested in industrial problems introduced the concept of scientific management. Are you happy with yourself?

Dennison demonstrated an activist concern both with the rationale and character of workers, and with the control and management undertaken by managers of the business enterprise. Taylor thought that by increasing production, the company would end up with a larger financial pie for everyone to share.

Hunter-Gatherers (Foragers)

Is meat consistently shared more than plants? Whatever obligation one might have to another, especially a foreign other, that obligation does not supersede the obligations one has to those people most familiar to them. Employees were treated as a commodity, as interchangeable as the parts they produced.

Aside from that, problems will arise from miscommunication or bad interaction between co-workers. Nested structures of governance balancing the principles of irreducibility i.

Each person has formed mental perceptions relating to a number of controversial issues. Our dependence on the Other for the continuous formation of language, culture, and identity means that we are responsible to others and that they are responsible to us.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights embodies many of the principles on which the new age must be built and which must be anchored in human consciousness before it can manifest.

Good communication may be cited as the most important component of sound human relations. The theoretical goals of human relations were no different from those of Taylorism. Why should division of labor predict residence amongst hunter-gatherers, but not among food-producing cultures See C.

European Jews were frequently accused of being "rootless cosmopolitans. As we move from an age of authority to one of experience, people seek for others what they demand for themselves — the right to freedom of thought, speech and worship, and the right to those conditions of life that will permit full expression to the dignity, equality and brotherhood of all humanity.

Supervisors will need to become skilled at managing diversity.


The fact that these great statements of intent have taken such a hold on human consciousness demonstrates their essential spiritual potency and divine origins. The organization requires certain behaviors from its employees.

Taylorism, founded by Frederick W. And while no one can tell another how he or she should serve, it is essential to point out that the need today is for dedicated servers in every field of human activity who will cooperate with the divine Plan as it seeks to work out in world affairs.

Complex hunter-gatherers generally have considerable inequality and more political hierarchy.

Human relations movement

The Human Potential for Peace: Few lines of work will be immune from these trends. The demographics of the workplace are also changing. Managers and supervisors achieve results through people.Cosmopolitanism is the ideology that all human beings belong to a single community, based on a shared morality.

A person who adheres to the idea of cosmopolitanism in any of its forms is called a cosmopolitan or cosmopolite. The Human Relations Approach Introduction The third strand in the development of modern management was the increase in attention to the human factors, which has become known as the 'human relations school of management.

Under the conditions of modern industrial life, the intellectual potentialities of the average human being are only partially utilized • Misuses of Human Relations principles o Both human relations and human resources managers might advocate the same kind of organizational behavior.

The human relations movement supported the primacy of organizations to be attributed to natural human groupings, communication and leadership.

However, the conventional depiction of the human relations 'school' of management, rising out of the ashes of scientific management is argued to be a rhetorical distortion of events.

Realities of modern family life can put a stain on human relations in the workplace. These work and family issues discussed in the textbook included all of the following except.

The Human Relations Approach and Its Critics Ronald William Korajczyk Being highly influencial in the modern world, the "human relations" approach, first developed in the industrial scene, the life span of so many was shortened considerably by abuses.

Human relations in modern life
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